Friday, July 15, 2011

Drunken wine drinking song of the month: Forcefed into Blasphemy - Wind of The Black Mountains

Hello again human folk!!

It is time I return from the realm of fucked up day jobs and daily fucked up madness to bring you fucking metal. It is also time to have some fucking WINE in the name of the Full Moon lurking about this night.

Not like anyone noticed my absence, but regardless here I am, close to drunkard and ready to get crazy. This month's song is by the long standing black metal band Wind of the Black Mountains. Very fitting with the wolf howls and whatever else deviant acts performed by the late main member Tchort. The actual CD I have of this band is the debut album "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" which is a pure example of sick US Black Metal. Pick it up if you can find it. There is even a pic of Tchort rooting some lady friend of his on the inner sleeve album :)

I remember first hearing this band back 10 years ago and always thinking what a weird fucking track this is. Crazy wolf sounds, female vocals, acoustic guitar, and total sick black metal riffs. My roomates at the time (some members from Ibex Throne, Iconoclast Contra, and Gravecode Nebula) had this killer vinyl collection along with some of my own vinyl gems. One of the records that always stood out was this 7" Wind of The Black Mountains: Forcefed into Blasphemy. I remember getting fucking really fucking hammered and go crazy over this shit, not to mention there is a killer version of The Rite of Darkness by Bathory on the other side. Total black metal insanity and very good music for the drunken apartment dweller. Also good for flesh mutilation in one of those " I don't give a flying fuck and ready to devour some pain" type moods if you get my drift. 

R.I.P. Tchort...

Enjoy my friends .

Also just because it is killer as fukk and I'm drunk,you must check out this Bathory cover. Its sick!!!

Download the 7" EP here if it suits your madness.

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