Friday, July 15, 2011

Drunken wine drinking song of the month: Forcefed into Blasphemy - Wind of The Black Mountains

Hello again human folk!!

It is time I return from the realm of fucked up day jobs and daily fucked up madness to bring you fucking metal. It is also time to have some fucking WINE in the name of the Full Moon lurking about this night.

Not like anyone noticed my absence, but regardless here I am, close to drunkard and ready to get crazy. This month's song is by the long standing black metal band Wind of the Black Mountains. Very fitting with the wolf howls and whatever else deviant acts performed by the late main member Tchort. The actual CD I have of this band is the debut album "Sing Thou Unholy Servants" which is a pure example of sick US Black Metal. Pick it up if you can find it. There is even a pic of Tchort rooting some lady friend of his on the inner sleeve album :)

I remember first hearing this band back 10 years ago and always thinking what a weird fucking track this is. Crazy wolf sounds, female vocals, acoustic guitar, and total sick black metal riffs. My roomates at the time (some members from Ibex Throne, Iconoclast Contra, and Gravecode Nebula) had this killer vinyl collection along with some of my own vinyl gems. One of the records that always stood out was this 7" Wind of The Black Mountains: Forcefed into Blasphemy. I remember getting fucking really fucking hammered and go crazy over this shit, not to mention there is a killer version of The Rite of Darkness by Bathory on the other side. Total black metal insanity and very good music for the drunken apartment dweller. Also good for flesh mutilation in one of those " I don't give a flying fuck and ready to devour some pain" type moods if you get my drift. 

R.I.P. Tchort...

Enjoy my friends .

Also just because it is killer as fukk and I'm drunk,you must check out this Bathory cover. Its sick!!!

Download the 7" EP here if it suits your madness.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tenebrae in Perpetuum/Krohm Split - REVIEW

Tenebrae in Perpetuum was a band I never heard about within the underground BM scene, but they turned out to be different and better than the norm.

Krohm is a different beast altogether and well known for being one of the more stand out American Black Metal bands. Actually Krohm is a huge favorite of mine so this release was mainly demanding my attention for that very reason. Luckily both bands put forth great quality efforts of dark and transcending eerie black metal that doesnt disappoint.

TIP is an Italian band and tracks make up first half of the album and their songs do eminate quite a picturesque somber mood, where you can definitely sense the cold anguish and at the same that eerie vibe making it that much more interesting. Krohm does what Krohm does best and put the listener into that dark haunting trance of psychadelia that to me is what black metal is all about.

Overall this release is very satisfying. If you like your black metal extremely black, weird, raw (not bag of rocks in a can type rawness), but good raw production than looks no further than this release.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Evoken Interview

Interview by Alex Jorgenson
EVOKEN is a band that I have known about for quite some time. I first discovered the band upon hearing their unique version of Strange World by Iron Maiden from the Dwell Records tribute album. Since then I've been quite obsessed and haunted by some of the best doom metal the multi-verse has to offer. After a surprisingly easy attempt to get a hold of this band, I feel like a some miniature deformed creature in a lovecraftian story conversing with a giant. Anyways, here is the drummer of Evoken, Vince Verkay to speak more about the some of the recent activities with the band.
AJ: Greetings!! I just recently read about the Roadburn Festival 2010 and the band being denied the trip to Europe due to the Icelandic Volcano in early 2010. It seems somewhat ironic, this happening to a doom metal band, but what can you do right? (Update: Since this interview the band did make it over to Holland for Roadburn 2011 and appeared on stage Saturday night April 16th).
V: It seems fitting that only the eruption of a volcano could keep us from going.  It was quite a disappointment, to say the least.  The entire morning still fresh in my mind; the night before, I was awake later than usual, making absolutely sure I had everything for our trip the next evening.  I actually didn’t sleep much that night since I was excited but, also nervous since I absolutely despise flying.
I was having my morning coffee, reading the horrible news that Peter Steele passed away when a family friend called to tell me all International flights were being canceled.  I thought she was having a laugh.  I figured okay I’ll bite, why are they being “canceled”?  She advised me to turn on CNN, and there it was: BREAKING NEWS! All international flights to Western Europe are in the process of being canceled.  My mind went completely blank, not knowing if I should shit or go blind.  I think the first few hours I kept trying to convince myself I was still asleep.
AJ: Evoken's newest offering is the split release with Beneath the Frozen Soil. I was listening to the songs and they are quite depressing and dark as usual. What was the environment and mood like with the band during the creation of these newer songs? 
V: There was quite a bit of excitement, since this was our first time writing new material with new members in the band (Don and Dave).  We were also a bit surprised how fast the new material was coming along.  These songs were written immediately after the recording for ‘A Caress of the Void’.  It’s almost unheard of for us to have new songs ready to go in such a relatively short span of time.  At the same time, there was a bit of sadness since Nick was in the process of moving, which meant he would no longer be a full-time member of Evoken. So, there were a wide range of emotions writing and recording this material.
AJ: With many different sub-genre's lingering around these days, Evoken seems to always get branded as funeral doom. Its not really an inaccurate description, but I feel the atmosphere goes way beyond that into something more unknown. Genre's to me are like an annoying fungus, but in some cases very necessary. How do you feel about being categorized this way? 
V:  Unfortunately, it’s a necessity that every band has to deal with.  I can understand the need for them to assist the media in describing what they’re hearing to their readers etc.  I also believe it’s completely out of control.  Some sub-genres can take up an entire sentence.  It also creates an abundance of silly arguments on the internet; people holding the belief that if others disagree with their conclusion, they’re morons.  In metal this seems to have the greatest impact.  However, it just conveys how passionate metal fans can be.
For Evoken, throughout our career, we’ve been described in a variety of categories.  Being deemed black/doom to doom/death to funeral doom, to funeral doom/death.  I’m quite sure this will change again with each release.  I believe most bands will tell you they don’t subscribe to being categorized, and or just leave that for the media.  But, when asked we have always described ourselves as a doom/death metal band.  It would seem quite odd to answer someone, who may not be familiar with our music, that we are a “metal band”.  To give someone such an answer would be entirely too vague. 
AJ: Listening to the band for quite some years now, I've always curious about the megalithic guitar tone. It seems to coil around you like an ever embracing Iron Maiden torture device, anxious to inject with death. Anything you can reveal equipment wise about this monstrous sound?
V: It’s a culmination of time, money, and experimentation.  Unfortunately, you're the winner of an unlucky lottery; interviewing a drummer so, this is something better answered by one of the guys.  It would be similar to asking one of them my setup and sound regarding the drums.  I’ll just refrain from possibly giving you misinformation.
AJ: I have always appreciated the fact that Evoken has a truly unique sound. The way that all the instruments blend together is pure brilliance. The uses of keyboards, vocals, and the way guitars merge clean guitar and distortion makes for some of the most haunting music ever. This creates a real atmospheric imaginative listening experience. This leads to my next question. Do you see the band having a long future ahead creating albums even farther into the unknown?
V: I would like to think so.  We plan on doing this for as long as possible.  Throughout our existence, we never planned the direction for any album.  Our writing is solely based on what’s being written at the time.  Pre-planning, in my opinion, any album before the first note is written can play against you; essentially limit the writing process and the progression of the new material.  Until the songs are recorded, anything is possible. 
AJ: How is life in your wonderful state of NJ? The X-Cops song Welcome to New Jersey comes to mind, when I try to visualize it. I'm sure its not all thugs and ghetto's everywhere, but it does allow me to envision a very bleak surrounding and I am sure I am not too far off when I sense some very negative energy permeating about. Does this have any effect on Evoken and how the band operates? 
V: Unfortunately, the preconception about New Jersey; its people and surroundings are based on ridiculous stories and mainstream media.  There’s an association New Jersey has with ghettos, empty-headed Italian-Americans, and the notion everyone in NJ has a hostile attitude.  Since majority of Americans mindlessly watch so-called “reality tv”, they just accept the false information that comes with it.  This in turn has a negative impact.
It’s similar to any location on this planet.  NJ has its run-down, unappealing neighborhoods, but it also has ideal neighborhoods and scenery.  Unfortunately, due to greed and the constant undue need for human beings destruction of nature, we are losing what little we still have.  New Jersey is known as the “Garden State”, which can be looked at as an absolute joke.  The amount of natural scenery declines, as the state grows in population.  It’s an abomination.
I believe just life, in general, has an effect on our music, regardless of our surroundings.    
AJ: I am extremely excited to hear from my one of my own band mates that Evoken is going to be appearing at the Rites of Darkness III Festival being held December 9th and 10th in San Antonio, Texas. We are hoping for a possible road trip down there for this killer event. What can one expect in the live setting of Evoken? 
V: We’re looking forward to it.  We still haven’t officially announced our appearance.  Once we have contract in hand, signed, and returned then, we can say we’ll definitely be there.  But, for now it’s simply a verbal agreement.
This will be our first time in TX, and hopefully not our last.  As for our live setting: We’ll do what we always do; deliver a set equal to having a hippo pounce on your chest.  Since we’re coming in from somewhat of a distance, we’re a bit limited on what visuals we can incorporate into our live show.  As time passes, and we come close to the festival date, I guess we’ll have a better idea on what we can, and cannot do.
AJ: The cover art for split album is very desolate. I interpret it as creatures arriving at some recently vacant planet of nothingness finding what appears to be some mirror in the ground. Is this a possible metaphor for the concept of humanity's own destruction? What if anything can you tell us about concept of this cover art?
V: That was the result of some fantastic work done by Robert Hoyem of 'At the Ends' (Responsible for the “Shades of Night Descending” reissue).  Ideas were coordinated between us and Robert.  The original concept was provided by Dave, and after some tweaks here and there via the ideas of Robert, the cover was complete.  Since both bands represent such a dark and desolate atmosphere, it was very important those were represented in the cover art as well; a complete package.  The artwork for any album is such an extremely important part of making the album a complete package. 
AJ: Regarding the composition process for Evoken, is it common for substances to be consumed or any other mind altering methods to perhaps weaken the veil thus allowing more unearthly frequencies to come through thus influencing the songs?
V: Absolutely not.  We’re completely clear-minded when writing any material.  I realize that some past musicians and bands have used different substances to influence their writing, but we’re the complete opposite.  I think if one needs an outside influence to obtain any source of inspiration, then you’re “behind the eight-ball” as we say.  What happens when you can no longer use those tools?  Simple history teaches us, no matter how clever you may think you are using this approach, it will eventually end.  Both completely overwhelming you and eventually destroy what you have worked for.  Or simply cease to exist.  Our preference has always been having both a clear and determined mind, rather than a distorted purpose.
AJ: What is your current thoughts about the future of humanity?
V: A complete change in the way we live.  Humanity has plagued the earth for long enough, only to suffer VERY little consequence.  As you can clearly see, that’s completely changing.  I don’t believe there in a mass extinction but, a definite change in how we live, how we perceive things, and how we approach our environment.  I’m completely ashamed to be a part of humanity, and have such disdain for it.
AJ: Any chance that those of us unlucky souls who cannot make it to your Texas show will be able closer out west in California or anywhere near Utah?
V:  I would say there is a very good chance.  We have discussed this before between each member and those outside of the band.  I cannot find one reason why we should not.

Drunken wine drinking song of the month: ....of Celtic Fire, We Are Born/Terminus ( the Eyes of Ioldánach): ABSU

ABSU - ....of Celtic Fire, We Are Born/Terminus ( the Eyes of Ioldánach)

Holy Shit this song is amazing. As a drummer, this song is just all over the place. You have crazy jazz type fills just about everywhere, but don't get all weirded out cause this is pretty much as close to a Maiden style thrash/speed metal song as you can get.

A lot of people seem to be a bit divided on this album (Third Storm of Cythraul), but I think its fucking great. Sure its not the greatest production in the world, but it still has that attack reminiscent of the old greats like Morbid Angel (Alters of Madness), Kreator (Pleasure to Kill) etc.

Anyways the last part that transcends into an acoustic type feel with very strange (ahh not too strange) chanting vocals is really what gets me about this song. Gives me chills every fucking time. Much hails to Proscriptor for the amazing drumming on this song. I still go apeshit at even attempting to play this on drums.

Get drunk as shit on wine and hail the might ABSU!!!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Ava Inferi - ONYX

Its good to see such diversity from Rune Eriksen departing a bit from his well known past and present works (Mayhem, Aura Noir, Nader Sadek and more). I mean most musicians do strive to progress forward musically and I think this has been very much the case with Ava Inferi. With this band it would probably be good to know that it's not going to be anything like Aura Noir, the last Mayhem album, or the technical madness of Mezzerschmitt. Not really even close.

When I listen to Ava Inferi's previous albums there does exist of course the gloom and somberness of what we all appreciate from Doom Metal, but with this album it really shines through. One thing that really stands out are the vocals which are done exceptionally well by vocalist Carmen Simoes. It is my belief that she has one of the most intriguing and beautiful voices heard in the metal world today. Her voice conveys a very great sense of power and emotion.

Onyx also very much lived up to the hype I was going insane about for quite sometime I     mean I was playing the band's last album Blood of Bacchus almost non stop since it came out which about 2 years ago. So Onyx's arrival was so anticipated, that I even bought a digital copy from Amazon a few weeks before the US release. I was stoked to hear such a killer production, great songwriting and even more stoked that the band showed no signs of weakness. Usually by a bands 4th album its either total failure or brilliance. Luckily failure is nowhere in this band's reality.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something fresh in the metal world right now. It very much offers a lot of good quality musicianship and great memorable songs. Highlight tracks for me are Onyx, Majesty, and The Heathen Island. Overall this album really fucking peaks its head about more than the norm and embraces all of the good things doom and gothic metal has to offer. Go buy this album, some red wine, and have a listen for

Monday, March 28, 2011

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of A Seventh Son - Live 1988 Maiden England

This song holds a special significance for me. When I was like 10 or 11, this song really stood out as something just otherwordly and different. It struck me like rays of light straight from Odin above and tainted my blood with heavy metal and left me fiending for more. The epic parts in the middle of this song are insane and furthers my notions that Iron Maiden are the kings of what they do. This album touches with all sorts of occult themes. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is good as it gets with top notch heavy metal songwriting.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Drunken wine drinking song of the month: The Zombie Terror: SIGH

The mighty SIGH from Japan, never fails to deliver fine drunken delirious music that haunts and gives pleasure to the soul. This song is from their album Infidel Art, which is 100% Avantgarde Black Metal madness!!! Enjoy this one with a glass of red wine at very loud and drunken volumes only.